Amani Therapeutic Services, PLLC

Clinical Social Work & Therapy Services
DeLorean Wilkinson McGee, MSSW, LCSW, CHES


Amani (ah-MON-ee) in Swahili represents calm & tranquility.
In Hebrew & Arabic, Amani translates to wishes.

DeLorean crafted Amani Therapy to help her clients’ find the inner peace they desire. Her approach is rooted in compassion and a true desire to see her clients succeed.

Amani Therapeutic Services works closely with each individual & family to help find balance & peace as we navigate through the many trials and tribulations of life

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At Amani Therapy, Delorean uses a holistic approach to help individuals, families, and couples explore their authentic-self. She will equip you with tools to handle challenging situations so that you may achieve your goals.


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Amani Therapeutic Services, PLLC

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