Clinical Supervision


At Amani Therapeutic Services, clinical supervision is provided by the Owner and
CEO, DeLorean Wilkinson-McGee, LCSW-S. Please visit her therapy bio for more
information about their clinical and leadership experience.

What is Clinical Supervision:

If you are an LMSW in the State of Texas seeking clinical supervision toward
your LCSW license, I offer individual and group supervision to help you achieve
your goals. Finding a suitable supervisor can be a challenge, and truthfully
should be a perfect match. To that end, I’d like to offer you some information
you can consider before you take the next step.

To practice clinical social work in the State of Texas, you must hold a
Master’s degree in Social Work from an accredited university and be licensed in
the State of Texas. The applicant completes a minimum of 100 hours of
face-to-face supervision, over the course of 300 hours of professional
experience, with a board-approved supervisor.

How do I know if my job qualifies for clinical social work?

I’m often asked this question. The board has determined that if you assess,
diagnose and treat mental health or substance abuse issues using DSM-V criteria
for at least four hours per week, you are eligible for LCSW supervision.

I have supervised social workers employed by behavioral health hospitals and
outpatient programs, medical hospitals, home health, hospice, schools, dialysis
clinics, military bases, the VA, CPS, non-profits, insurance companies, EAP
programs, private practices, and even police departments and prisons. As long
as you have a personal client or patient interactions and utilize clinical
skills, you probably meet LCSW supervision criteria.

Additional Board requirements:

When an LMSW is supervised, they typically meet with their supervisor for 4
hours per month. In my program, all sessions are online using Zoom. You can
live anywhere in Texas and participate in supervision, and most people
participate in a two-hour group session twice per month. You must meet with
your supervisor for 100 hours in no less than 24 months, and it cannot take 48
months to complete supervision. You must be employed and work at least 30 hours
per week to be eligible to complete the supervision process in or close to, 24

You must work at least 15 hours per week to complete supervision within 48
months if you work part-time. Part-time employees will need one hour of care
work hours (usually 2-3 supervision hours per month). Three-thousand total work
hours are required before you can apply to sit for the licensing exam.

Getting Started:

I host a free “Intro to Supervision” with each supervisee; these are excellent
ways to learn about the supervision process. Additionally, allows us to be sure
we are a good fit for each other before embarking on the two-to-four-year
supervision journey.

Once you decide to pursue LCSW supervision, we will complete a social work
supervision agreement and the clinical supervision plan. I will also ask you to
copy me on an email to your work supervisor informing them that you have begun
LCSW supervision with me. As of February 9, 2021, we no longer submit paperwork
to the start when you begin supervision.


Individual supervision will be provided at a rate of $55/hour.
Group supervision will be offered at a monthly rate of $220 full-time. This rate
includes 4 hours of group supervision provided Mondays from 6 -8 pm and
Saturdays 9-11 am. An hour of individual supervision and any
crisis/consultations along the way.

Typical Group:

My supervision is primarily in the group format; however, I will schedule
individual sessions with you as required by the board. I charge the same $55
hourly rate for supervisees who occasionally want an individual session and
typically schedule a one-hour face-to-face meeting. I am not currently
accepting new supervises who require more than 4 individual sessions per year.

If you haven’t already, please email me and let me know you are interested in supervision! 


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